Roddy Doyle Books In Order

Roddy Doyle, an Irish novelist, dramatist, and screenwriter, is renowned for his vivid portrayal of working-class life in Dublin. Born on May 8, 1958, in Dublin, Ireland, Doyle’s upbringing in the Irish capital profoundly influenced his writing, which is celebrated for its wit, humor, and poignant depiction of urban Irish life.

Doyle first gained critical and commercial success with his novel “The Commitments” (1987), the first in his ‘Barrytown Trilogy.’ The book, which tells the story of a group of unemployed youths in Dublin who form a soul band, is acclaimed for its vibrant dialogue and sharp humor. It was later adapted into a successful film in 1991. The trilogy’s subsequent novels, “The Snapper” (1990) and “The Van” (1991), which focus on the Rabbitte family, were also well received and adapted into popular films.

His 1993 novel, “Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha,” which won the Booker Prize, is another highlight of his career. This novel, set in 1968 Dublin, is told from the perspective of a ten-year-old boy and is noted for its innovative use of voice and deep emotional impact.

Doyle’s writing is characterized by a distinctive use of dialogue and a skillful blend of comedy and drama. His ability to capture the cadences and colloquialisms of Dublin speech has been particularly praised. Doyle often tackles themes such as family, poverty, and the complexities of modern Irish identity, offering insightful and often humorous perspectives on life in Ireland.

Apart from novels, Doyle has written short stories, plays, and screenplays. His work is noted for its accessibility and appeal to a wide range of readers, both in Ireland and internationally. He has been a vital figure in bringing contemporary Irish literature to a global audience, and his portrayal of Dublin life has left a significant mark on Irish culture and literature.

Publication Order of The Barrytown Trilogy Books

The Commitments(1987)
The Snapper(1990)
The Van(1991)

Publication Order of The Last Roundup Books

A Star Called Henry(1999)
Oh, Play That Thing(2004)
The Dead Republic(2010)

Publication Order of Rover Adventures Trilogy Books

The Giggler Treatment(2000)
Rover Saves Christmas(2001)
The Meanwhile Adventures(2004)
Rover and the Big Fat Baby(2018)

Publication Order of Elsewhere Collections with Jackie Kay, Michel Faber

Somewhere(With: Jackie Kay,Michel Faber)(2012)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha(1993)
The Woman Who Walked Into Doors(1996)
Paula Spencer(2006)
A Greyhound of a Girl(2011)
The Guts(2013)

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Charlie Savage(2019)

Publication Order of Collections

Brownbread & War(1993)
The Deportees(2007)
Two Pints(2012)
Two More Pints(2014)
Two for the Road(2019)
Life Without Children(2021)

Publication Order of’s Childrens Books

Not Just for Christmas(1999)
Her Mother’s Face(2008)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Rory & Ita(2002)
The Second Half(With: Roy Keane)(2014)
Kellie(With: Kellie Harrington)(2022)

Publication Order of Anthologies

My Favorite Year of Football Writing(1993)
New Writing From Ireland(1994)
Finbar’s Hotel(1997)
Brandon Book of Irish Short Stories(1998)
Speaking With the Angel(2000)
Yeats is Dead!(2001)
Rotten English: A Literary Anthology(2007)
Free?: Stories About Human Rights(2009)
The United States of McSweeney’s(2009)
From the Republic of Conscience(2010)
Beyond the Stars: Twelve Tales of Adventure, Magic and Wonder(2014)
The Gifts of Reading(2020)

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