Pendergast Books In Order

The Pendergast series is a captivating collection of thriller novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. This series introduces readers to Aloysius Pendergast, an enigmatic and highly unconventional FBI Special Agent.

Pendergast is a man of wealth and refined tastes, with a penchant for the bizarre and the supernatural. His Southern charm and pale, aristocratic demeanor mask a sharp mind and a relentless determination to uncover the truth behind the most mysterious and often seemingly supernatural cases.

The series kicks off with “Relic,” where readers first meet Pendergast as he investigates a series of brutal murders in the New York Museum of Natural History. What sets this apart from your standard thriller is the blend of cutting-edge science and a hint of the unexplainable, setting the tone for future books.

As the series progresses, Preston and Child delve deeper into Pendergast’s complex personality, his tragic past, and his connections to a host of compelling characters. These include Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta, a gritty NYPD officer who becomes one of Pendergast’s closest allies; Constance Greene, a mysterious woman with her own secrets; and Diogenes, Pendergast’s brilliant but malevolent brother, who serves as his nemesis in several novels.

The books are known for their intricate plots, well-researched backgrounds, and a seamless blend of science, history, and mystery. Each novel can stand on its own, offering new readers a gateway into Pendergast’s world, but the series also rewards long-time fans with ongoing character development and overarching storylines that span multiple books.

Some notable titles in the series include “The Cabinet of Curiosities,” where Pendergast investigates a series of century-old murders that seem to be connected to present-day killings, and “Still Life with Crows,” where he faces a series of bizarre murders in a small Kansas town.

The series also explores themes of family legacy, with books like “The Obsidian Chamber” and “Crooked River” delving into the complexities of Pendergast’s own lineage.

The Pendergast series is more than just a set of thrillers; it’s a labyrinthine exploration of the unknown, led by one of the most intriguing detectives in modern fiction. With each new book, Preston and Child invite readers into a world where the line between science and the supernatural is blurred, and where Aloysius Pendergast stands as a beacon of intellect and intuition in the shadowy realms of the unexplained.

Pendergast Books In Order of Publication

(By: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child)

The Cabinet of Curiosities(2001)
Still Life with Crows(2003)
Dance of Death(2005)
The Book of the Dead(2006)
The Wheel of Darkness(2007)
Cemetery Dance(2009)
Fever Dream(2010)
Cold Vengeance(2011)
Two Graves(2012)
White Fire(2013)
Blue Labyrinth(2014)
Crimson Shore(2015)
The Obsidian Chamber(2016)
City of Endless Night(2018)
Verses for the Dead(2018)
The Strange Case of Monsieur Bertin(2019)
Crooked River(2020)
The Cabinet of Dr. Leng(2023)
Angel of Vengeance(2024)

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