Edgar Rice Burroughs Books in Order

Edgar Rice Burroughs, a name that resonates with adventure and the untamed frontiers of both space and Earth, carved out a unique niche in early 20th-century literature. He was one of the finest American novelists of his generation. Born in 1875 in Chicago, Burroughs’s life before becoming a full-time writer was as varied as the … Read more

Jennifer Lynn Barnes Books In Order

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the kind of author who makes you wonder if there’s anything she can’t do. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she’s lived a life that reads like a novel in itself. From her early days as a teen model to embracing the world of academia with a fervor that led her to Yale … Read more

The Inheritance Games Books In Order

Below we have listed all the books in The Inheritance Games books series. There’s 5 books in total in this series written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Read more about this author and her thrilling book series. The Inheritance Games Books In Order of Publication The Inheritance Games (2020) The Hawthorne Legacy (2021) The Final Gambit … Read more

Lois Lowry Books In Order

Lois Lowry’s knack for weaving thought-provoking tales has made her a much loved figure in young adult literature. Born on March 20, 1937, in Hawaii, Lowry’s childhood was a mosaic of experiences shaped by her father’s military career, which took her family to various parts of the world. This early exposure to different cultures and … Read more

Joanne Fluke Books In Order

Joanne Fluke is an American author best known for stirring up intrigue and delight in equal measure with her Hannah Swensen mystery series, featuring a small-town baker who has a knack for solving crimes. Born in Swanville, Minnesota, Fluke’s upbringing in the Midwest provided a rich backdrop for the cozy settings of her novels, where … Read more

Arthur C. Clarke Books In Order

Arthur C. Clarke was a man who managed to straddle the worlds of science and fiction like no other before him, blending visionary ideas with captivating storytelling. Born in 1917 in Minehead, England, Clarke would grow to be not just a prolific writer but also an inventor, undersea explorer, and futurist, whose contributions went far … Read more

Dav Pilkey Books In Order – Author of Captain Underpants

Dav Pilkey is not your ordinary author; he’s a storytelling superhero to countless kids around the globe, thanks to his wildly imaginative and hilariously heroic characters. Born in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, Pilkey’s childhood was marked by the challenges of dyslexia and ADHD. See all of Dav Pilkey books in order But what could have … Read more

Captain Underpants Books In Order

The Captain Underpants series was created by author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. The series successfully combines humor, adventure, and the power of imagination in a way that has delighted and engaged young readers worldwide. First introduced in 1997 with “The Adventures of Captain Underpants,” the series quickly became a beloved staple of children’s bookshelves and … Read more

Jack Reacher Books In Order

The Jack Reacher series, penned by British author Lee Child, stands as a towering achievement in the world of thriller literature, captivating readers with its blend of relentless action, intricate plotting, and the indomitable spirit of its protagonist. Since the first novel, “Killing Floor,” debuted in 1997, the series has grown into a bestselling phenomenon, … Read more