The Inheritance Games Books In Order

Below we have listed all the books in The Inheritance Games books series. There’s 5 books in total in this series written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Read more about this author and her thrilling book series.

The Inheritance Games Books In Order of Publication

The Inheritance Games(2020)
The Hawthorne Legacy(2021)
The Final Gambit(2022)
The Brothers Hawthorne(2023)
The Grandest Game(2024)

More About The Inheritance Games

Meet Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a name that might not yet ring a bell like those of literary giants, but give it time. She’s the mastermind behind a riveting book series that’s caught the eye of none other than Amazon for a TV adaptation. Jen, as she prefers to be called, has a background as eclectic as her writing.

From being a teen model to delving into the world of primates as a researcher, her life is anything but mundane. She’s a Yale and Cambridge alumna, with degrees that dance from cognitive science to a Ph.D. that might just explain why her characters are so darn relatable.

Jen’s foray into writing wasn’t a fluke; it’s been her passion since she could remember, culminating in a practice book in high school that she jokingly assures us will never see the light of day. Fast forward to her college years, and she’s already making waves with “Golden,” a novel penned in the afterglow of her freshman year. Before she could even boast of a graduate degree, Jen had five more books under her belt, showcasing a talent that wasn’t waiting for anyone’s approval.

Enter “The Inheritance Games,” a series that catapults us into the life of Avery Grambs, a teenager whose life gets a twist straight out of a fairy tale, albeit with a darker hue. Avery’s story begins with an inheritance from Tobias Hawthorne, a billionaire she’s never met, setting the stage for a tale woven with mystery, puzzles, and a mansion that holds more secrets than a spy novel. The catch? Living in the Hawthorne House with the disinherited relatives, including four grandsons who are as charming as they are potentially treacherous.

The series doesn’t just stop with Avery figuring out why she was chosen; it spirals into deeper mysteries, challenges, and the kind of intrigue that keeps you up at night flipping pages. “The Hawthorne Legacy” continues Avery’s quest, unraveling more about the Hawthorne family’s secrets and her place among them. Jen’s knack for blending suspense with a dash of romance and a lot of wit makes this series a standout.

It’s not just about the plot twists or the grandeur of Hawthorne House. It’s about Avery, a girl thrust into a world where every move is a gamble, and trust is as scarce as a straightforward answer. The characters around her – from the skeptical Grayson to the puzzle-loving Jameson – are crafted with a depth that suggests Jen’s background in psychology isn’t just for show.

“The Inheritance Games” series isn’t your run-of-the-mill YA saga. It’s a testament to Jen’s imagination, her understanding of the human psyche, and her ability to craft a story that feels as real as it does fantastical. With a TV series in the works, it’s only a matter of time before Avery Grambs becomes a household name.

So, if you’re in the market for a story that blends the thrill of a mystery with the heart of a coming-of-age tale, give this series a whirl. Who knows? You might just find yourself trying to solve the Hawthorne puzzles alongside Avery.

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