Court Gentry / Gray Man Books In Order

The Court Gentry series, also known as the Gray Man series, is a highly acclaimed collection of action-packed thrillers written by Mark Greaney. Debuting in 2009 with “The Gray Man,” the series has been lauded for its intense action sequences, intricate plots, and the compelling character of its protagonist, Court Gentry.

Court Gentry, a former CIA operative and a highly skilled assassin, is the central character of the series. Known as the Gray Man for his ability to blend and disappear in any environment, Gentry is a shadowy figure who is both feared and respected in the covert operations world. After being burned by the Agency, he becomes an elite private assassin, taking on dangerous assignments that take him across the globe.

The Gray Man series stands out for its realistic portrayal of espionage and military action. Greaney’s background in research and interest in military and intelligence operations lend a high degree of authenticity to the series. His writing is characterized by fast-paced narratives, meticulous attention to technical details, and gripping action scenes that have drawn comparisons to the works of Tom Clancy.

Each book in the series presents Gentry with a new set of challenges and enemies, from international crime organizations to corrupt government officials. Despite being an assassin, Gentry is portrayed with a certain moral code, often finding himself in situations where he needs to make difficult choices.

Some notable titles in the series include “On Target,” “Ballistic,” “Dead Eye,” and “Agent in Place.” Each novel can stand alone, offering new readers an entry point into the series, while also building upon Gentry’s story for returning fans.

Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series has not only received critical acclaim and commercial success but has also expanded its reach with plans for film adaptations, bringing the thrilling world of Court Gentry to an even wider audience.

The series is a must-read for fans of high-octane thrillers and espionage fiction, offering a perfect blend of realistic action, complex plotting, and a captivating protagonist. With the Gray Man series, Mark Greaney has firmly established himself as a formidable writer in the thriller genre.

Publication Order of Court Gentry / Gray Man Books

The Gray Man(2009)
On Target(2010)
Dead Eye(2013)
Back Blast(2016)
Gunmetal Gray(2017)
Agent in Place(2018)
Mission Critical(2019)
One Minute Out(2020)
Sierra Six(2022)
The Chaos Agent(2024)

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