Jenny Nimmo Books In Order

Jenny Nimmo, born on January 15, 1944, in Windsor, Berkshire, England, is an acclaimed British author celebrated for her contributions to children’s literature. Nimmo’s enchanting stories, often filled with magic and mystery, have captivated young readers around the globe, marking her as a significant voice in the genre.

Growing up with a passion for storytelling, Nimmo’s early experiences laid the groundwork for her future in writing. Before she turned her talents to the world of children’s books, Nimmo honed her craft through various creative avenues, including drama. Her background in the performing arts, notably as a director and an actress for the BBC’s children’s programs, infused her writing with a dramatic flair that resonates with readers to this day.

Nimmo is perhaps best known for her “Charlie Bone” series, which introduces readers to the magical world of Bloor’s Academy and its young endowed inhabitants. Through Charlie’s adventures, Nimmo explores themes of friendship, courage, and the struggle between good and evil, all while captivating her audience with the imaginative possibilities of a world where children possess magical talents.

Beyond the beloved “Charlie Bone” series, Nimmo’s bibliography spans a wide range of magical and adventurous tales, including “The Snow Spider” trilogy, which draws upon Welsh mythology to weave a story of loss, discovery, and the power of hope. Her ability to blend folklore with the challenges of growing up gives her stories a timeless quality that appeals to readers of all ages.

Throughout her career, Nimmo’s work has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations, highlighting her impact on children’s literature. Her storytelling not only entertains but also empowers her young readers, encouraging them to believe in the magic of their own potential.

Jenny Nimmo’s dedication to crafting stories that speak to the hearts and imaginations of children has made her a beloved author. Her books continue to inspire a sense of wonder and adventure in those who turn their pages, securing her legacy as a cherished storyteller in the pantheon of children’s literature.

Magician Trilogy Books In Order of Publication

The Snow Spider(1986)
Emlyn’s Moon(1987)
The Chestnut Soldier(1989)

Delilah Books In Order of Publication

Delilah and the Dogspell(1991)
Delilah Alone(1998)
Delilah and the Dishwasher Dogs(2001)

Box Boys Books In Order of Publication

The Box Boys & the Magic Shell(1999)
The Box Boys and the Fairground Ride(1999)
The Box Boys and the Dog in the Mist(1999)
The Box Boys and the Bonfire Cat(1999)

Shock Shop Books In Order of Publication

The Bodigulpa(2001)

The Children of the Red King Books In Order of Publication

Midnight for Charlie Bone(2002)
Charlie Bone and the Time Twister(2003)
Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy / Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa(2004)
Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors(2005)
Charlie Bone and the Hidden King(2006)
Charlie Bone and the Beast / Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf(2007)
Charlie Bone and the Shadow / Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock(2008)
Charlie Bone and the Red Knight(2009)

Chronicles of the Red King Books In Order of Publication

The Secret Kingdom(2011)
The Stones of Ravenglass(2012)
Leopards’ Gold(2013)

Ultramarine Books In Order of Publication

Rainbow and Mr. Zed(1992)

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

The Bronze Trumpeter(1974)
Griffin’s Castle(1994)
The Rinaldi Ring(1999)
Milo’s Wolves(2001)
Henry and the Guardians of the Lost(2016)
Secret Creatures(2020)

Jenny Nimmo Children’s Books In Order of Publication

Tatty Apple(1986)
The Red Secret(1991)
The Bears Will Get You!(1992)
The Stone Mouse(1993)
The Breadwitch(1993)
Wilfred’s Wolf(1994)
Granny Grimm’s Gruesome Glasses(1995)
The Witch’s Tears(1996)
The Alien on the 99th Floor(1996)
The Owl Tree(1997)
Hot Dog, Cool Cat(1997)
Seth and the Strangers(1997)
The Dragon’s Child(1997)
Toby In The Dark(1999)
Dog Star(2000)
Ill Will, Well Nell(2000)
The Night of the Unicorn(2001)
Beak and Whisker(2002)
Invisible Vinnie(2003)
Matty Mouse(2003)
Tom And The Pterosaur(2004)

Picture Books In Order of Publication

The Starlight Cloak(1993)
The Witches and the Singing Mice(1993)
Gwion and the Witch(1996)
Branwen: Legends from Wales(1996)
Esmeralda and the Children Next Door(2000)
Something Wonderful(2001)
The Strongest Girl in the World(2001)
Pig on a Swing(2003)
The Beasties(2010)

Short Story Collections In Order of Publication

Out of this World(2000)

Non-Fiction Books In Order of Publication

An Interview with Jenny Nimmo(2003)

Sprinters Books In Order of Publication

The Finger Eater (By: Arthur Robins,Dick King-Smith)(1992)
Tillie McGillie’s Fantastical Chair (By: Vivian French,Sue Heap)(1992)
The Snow Maze (By: Jan Mark)(1992)
Impossible Parents Go Green (By: Brian Patten)(1992)
New Big House (By: Debi Gliori)(1992)
My Little Brother (By: Debi Gliori)(1992)
The Haunting of Pip Parker (By: Anne Fine)(1992)
Holly and the Skyboard (By: Ian Whybrow)(1993)
The Magic Boathouse (By: Sam Llewellyn)(1994)
Impossible Parents (By: Brian Patten)(1994)
Beware the Killer Coat (By: Susan Gates)(1994)
Art, You’re Magic! (By: Sam McBratney,Tony Blundell)(1994)
The Baked Bean Kids (By: Ann Pilling)(1994)
Hector the Rat (By: Tony Wilkinson)(1994)
Fighting Dragons (By: Colin West)(1995)
Little Stupendo (By: Jon Blake)(1995)
Ronnie and the Giant Millipede(1995)
Easy Peasy (By: Sarah Hayes)(1995)
Cup Final Kid (By: Martin Waddell)(1996)
Care of Henry (By: Anne Fine,Paul Howard)(1996)
Emmelina and the Monster (By: June Crebbin)(1998)
Flora’s Fantastic Revenge (By: Nick Warburton)(2000)
Patrick’s Perfect Pet (By: Annalena McAfee)(2002)
Tricky Nelly Nickleby (By: Berlie Doherty)(2003)
Cool as a Cucumber (By: Michael Morpurgo)(2003)
No Tights for George (By: June Crebbin)(2004)
Fearless Fitzroy (By: Alex Merry Kathy Henderson)(2005)
Molly and the Beanstalk (By: Pippa Goodhart)(2006)
Lady-long-legs (By: Jan Mark)(2006)
Tarquin the Wonder Horse (By: June Crebbin)(2006)
The Most Impossible Parents (By: Brian Patten)(2010)

Anthologies In Order of Publication

The Corgi Pups Library(1996)
Centuries of Stories(1999)
Half-Minute Horrors(2009)

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