Jana DeLeon Books In Order

Jana DeLeon is a celebrated American author best known for her humorous mystery and suspense novels. Born and raised in Louisiana, DeLeon’s Southern roots play a significant role in her writing, infusing her stories with a distinct charm and wit reflective of her upbringing.

DeLeon’s foray into the world of writing was marked by the success of her debut novel, “Rumble on the Bayou,” which immediately established her as a talented storyteller. Her ability to blend mystery with humor and romance set her apart in the genre, garnering a loyal following of readers who appreciate her unique style.

Perhaps her most popular series is the “Miss Fortune Mystery” series, set in the small town of Sinful, Louisiana. The series features a CIA assassin in hiding, Fortune Redding, and her adventures with the quirky townsfolk. These books are known for their lighthearted take on the mystery genre, combining suspenseful plots with comedic elements and vibrant characterizations.

DeLeon’s writing is characterized by fast-paced narratives, engaging dialogue, and an underlying warmth that makes her books both entertaining and comforting. She has a knack for creating relatable characters and placing them in absurd yet somehow believable situations, a skill that has endeared her to fans of cozy mysteries and comedic thrillers alike.

In addition to her mystery series, Jana DeLeon has also written stand-alone novels and ventured into other genres, including romance, further showcasing her versatility as a writer. Her work consistently delivers a delightful mix of suspense, humor, and a touch of romance, making her a go-to author for those seeking light-hearted and entertaining reads.

Jana DeLeon’s contribution to the world of mystery and suspense literature is marked by her distinctive voice and her ability to craft stories that are both engaging and enjoyable. Her novels offer an escape into a world filled with intrigue, laughter, and a sense of community, reflecting her talent for storytelling and her love for her Southern roots.

Publication Order of Emerald Books

Bayou Bodyguard(2011)

Publication Order of Ghost-in-Law Books

Trouble in Mudbug(2009)
Mischief in Mudbug(2009)
Showdown in Mudbug(2010)
The Helena Diaries(2013)
Resurrection in Mudbug(2013)
Missing in Mudbug(2013)
Chaos in Mudbug(2014)
Rose and Helena Save Christmas(2014)

Publication Order of Marina at Midlife Books

Wrong Side of Forty(2020)

Publication Order of Miss Fortune Mystery Books

Louisiana Longshot(2012)
Lethal Bayou Beauty(2013)
Swamp Sniper(2013)
Swamp Team 3(2014)
Gator Bait(2014)
Soldiers of Fortune(2015)
Hurricane Force(2015)
Fortune Hunter(2016)
Later Gator(2016)
Hook, Line and Blinker(2017)
Change of Fortune(2018)
Reel of Fortune(2018)
Swamp Spook(2018)
Fortune Furlough(2019)
Cajun Fried Felony(2019)
Swamp Santa(2019)
Bullets and Beads(2020)
Gators and Garters(2020)
Fortune Funhouse(2021)
Frightfully Fortune(2021)
Swamp Sweets(2021)
Flame and Fortune(2022)
Swamp Spirits(2022)
Clue Krewe(2023)
Fortune Teller(2023)

Publication Order of Mystere Parish Books

The Reckoning(2012)
The Vanishing(2012)
The Awakening(2012)

Publication Order of Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance Books

The Accused(2013)
The Betrayed(2013)
The Reunion(2021)

Publication Order of Shaye Archer Books


Publication Order of Tempest Island Books


Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Rumble on the Bayou(2006)
The Lost Girls of Johnson’s Bayou(2012)

Publication Order of 12 Days of Christmas Books

with Kyra Davis, Robin Kaye

Eight Maids a’ Missing(2013)
Seven Swans a’ Shooting(By: Kyra Davis)(2013)
The Goose, The Gander, And Three French Hens: 12 Days of Christmas series(By: Robin Kaye)(2013)

Publication Order of Happily Everlasting Books

Dead Man Talking(2017)
Once Hunted, Twice Shy(By: Mandy M. Roth)(2017)
Fooled Around and Spelled In Love(By: Michelle M. Pillow)(2017)
Witchful Thinking(By: Kristen Painter)(2017)
Total Eclipse of The Hunt(By: Mandy M. Roth)(2017)
Curses and Cupcakes(By: Michelle M. Pillow)(2017)
An Everlasting Christmas(By: Mandy M. Roth)(2018)

Publication Order of Lizzy Gardner Files Books

by Dylan Keefer


Publication Order of Shivers Books

with Lisa Childs, Colleen Thompson

Mystery Lover(By: Lisa Childs)(2010)
Keeping Watch(By: Jan Hambright)(2010)
The Secret of Cypriere Bayou(2011)
Waterford Point(By: Alana Matthews)(2011)
Phantom of the French Quarter(By: Colleen Thompson)(2011)

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing(2013)

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