Mary Fan Books In Order

Mary Fan, a distinguished voice in the realms of science fiction and fantasy, crafts her tales from Jersey City, NJ, where she spins narratives that traverse distant planets, alternate realities, and fantastical steampunk worlds. As the creative mind behind several acclaimed series, Fan has carved out a niche that resonates with both young adults and seasoned readers of speculative fiction.

Her literary journey unfolds across various series, starting with the “Jane Colt” sci-fi saga, published by Red Adept Publishing, which introduces readers to a universe of intrigue and technology. The “Flynn Nightsider” series, released by Crazy 8 Press, offers a darker dive into a world where fantasy and dystopia collide.

Fan’s versatility shines in the “Starswept” series from Snowy Wings Publishing, blending romance and sci-fi against the backdrop of interstellar arts and conspiracies. Not shying away from blending genres, her work “Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon,” published by Page Street Publishing, presents a steampunk fantasy adventure rooted in rich cultural lore.

Beyond her novels, Mary Fan stands as a champion for diversity and female empowerment in STEM through her co-editorship of the “Brave New Girls” anthology series. This collection of YA sci-fi stories features girls excelling in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with proceeds supporting the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund, underscoring Fan’s commitment to inspiring the next generation.

Her short stories have graced various anthologies, showcasing her ability to navigate and embellish upon themes of liberty, magic, adventure, and the unknown. Despite her busy writing schedule, Fan finds balance and inspiration outside of her literary pursuits. Whether it’s harmonizing in choir rehearsal, mastering the kickboxing gym, or soaring in aerial silks, she embraces activities that fuel her creativity and physical well-being.

Mary Fan’s contribution to science fiction and fantasy is not just in the stories she tells but in the worlds she builds and the minds she inspires. Through her engaging narratives and advocacy for diversity and education, she continues to be a luminous figure in the literary landscape, pushing the boundaries of imagination and possibility.

Standalone Novels In Order of Publiciation

Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon2019

The Starswept Books In Order of Publication – By Mary Fan

Wayward Stars2019
Seize The Stars2020

The Flynn Nightsider Books In Oder of Publication – By Mary Fan

The Firedragon – novella2014
Firedragon Rising  – novella2015
Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil 2018
A Girl Called Firedragon: Tales from the Flynn Nightsider Universe (Series prequel)2019
Flynn Nightsider and the Shards of Shadow 2022
Flynn Nightsider and the Ire of Inferno2024

Jane Colt Books In Order of Publication – By Mary Fan

Artificial Absolutes2013
Synthetic Illusions2014
Virtual Shadows 2015

Fated Stars Books In Order of Publication – By Mary Fan

Tell Me My Name (Novella) Series prequel 2014
Let Me Fly Free (Novella) Series prequel 2016

Standalone Short Stories / Novellas in Order of Publication

The Adventure of the Silicon Beeches2017
The False Nightingale2018
The Last Gunslinger2019
The Messenger2019
Found Footage (Part of Systema Paradoxa Series)2022

Anthologies in Order of Publication

Tales of Girls & Gadgets2015
“The Note on the Blue Screen” (2017)
in Love, Murder & Mayhem, edited by Russ Colchamiro
“Returning Infinity” (2017)
in Mine! A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All Benefitting Planned Parenthood from ComicMix
Stories of Girls Who Science and Scheme2017
“Glisk of the Keep”
in Tales of the Crimson Keep: Newly Renovated Edition, edited by Robert Greenberger
“Buried in Books”
in They Keep Killing Glenn, edited by Peter and Kathleen David
Tales of Heroines Who Hack2018
“The False Nightingale”
in Magic at Midnight, edited by Lyssa Chiavari and Amy McNulty; also available as a standalone
Adventures of Gals and Gizmos2019
“The Last Gunslinger”
in Thrilling Adventure Yarns, edited by Robert Greenberger; also available as a standalone
“The Messenger” in Keep Faith, edited by Gabriela Martins; also available as a standalone2019
“Haven” in Pangaea III: Redemption, edited by Michael Jan Friedman; also available as a standalone2020
Tales of Girls Who Tech and Tinker2020
Bad Ass Moms2020
“With Dark Truths Draw Me” in Sing, Goddess!, edited by Jane Watson2021
“They’ll Never Let You In” (2021) in Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021, edited by Robert Greenberger2021
Chronicles of Misses and Machines2022
“The Space Opera Fan’s Tale (or Intergalactic Journeys S6 E8: Ruins in the Sky)” (2022) in The Fans Are Buried Tales, edited by Peter David2022
“Salt for Gold”
in Phenomenons: Every Human Creature, edited by Michael Jan Friedman
Tales of Girls who Engineer and Explore2023
Brave New Girls2023
“Broken Wings”
in A Roll of the Dice: 2023 Origins Anthology, edited by Aaron Rosenberg
“The Four Opera Singers of the Apocalypse”
in The Four ???? of the Apocalypse, edited by Keith RA DeCandido
“Above the Salt”
in Phenomenons: Season of Darkness, edited by Michael Jan Friedman
“The Woman from Wuchu”
in Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022, edited by Robert Greenberger
Chronicles of Curious Girls Who Create 2024

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