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Elena S. Smith’s journey from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Moscow, Idaho, in the United States (a delightful twist of fate she often humorously notes) marks the beginning of a profound personal and professional transformation. In 1996, she embraced her new identity as a U.S. citizen, bringing with her a rich background in linguistics, evidenced by her PhD in the field.

Elena’s academic career has been both diverse and international, with teaching stints that spanned continents, from China to Finland and Japan, alongside her contributions to American academia, where she delved into English, film, and culture.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elena found herself retiring, a move that serendipitously granted her the solitude and time to pen “Truths and Lies.” This novel, which Elena describes as a mature romance, became more than just a creative endeavor; it was her companion through the isolation, a “survival friend” that helped navigate the uncertainties of those times.

This work follows her debut novel, “Why Birches Are White” published in 2006, which is a poignant fiction-documentary weaving together her emigration narrative from post-Soviet Russia to the United States, offering readers a glimpse into her transformative journey across continents and cultures.

Elena’s zest for life extends beyond her academic and literary pursuits. An avid reader, she also finds joy in traveling, golfing, hiking, and enjoying lively gatherings with friends and family. Writing, for Elena, is more than a passion—it’s a bridge to connect with others, a means to share her experiences, thoughts, and the intricate dilemmas of life with fellow book lovers and strangers alike. Through her novels, Elena S. Smith invites readers into her world, offering stories that resonate with authenticity and the richness of a life fully lived.

Elena S. Smith Books In Order of Publication

Why Birches Are White2006
Truths and Lies2023

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