Kyle Mills Books In Order

Kyle Mills stands as a unique figure in contemporary thriller writing, known not only for his original contributions to the genre but also for his seamless continuation of Vince Flynn’s famed Mitch Rapp series. Born into a family with ties to the FBI and the diplomatic world, Mills’s background has provided him with a wealth … Read more

David Baldacci Books In Order

David Baldacci, an American author of exceptional talent, has firmly established himself as a master of the thriller and mystery genres. Born on August 5, 1960, in Richmond, Virginia, Baldacci’s journey from a law career to a full-time novelist is a story of passion meeting perseverance. Since his breakout novel “Absolute Power” in 1996, he … Read more

Tom Clancy Books In Order

Tom Clancy, a name synonymous with the techno-thriller genre, redefined the landscape of modern military fiction with his intricate plots, detailed technical accuracy, and gripping narrative style. Born on April 12, 1947, in Baltimore, Maryland, Clancy emerged from a background in insurance sales to become one of the most influential and best-selling authors of the … Read more

A. Bertram Chandler Books In Order

Arthur Bertram Chandler, known to the literary world as A. Bertram Chandler, holds a unique place in the annals of science fiction. Born in England on March 28, 1912, and later moving to Australia, Chandler’s dual career as a merchant marine officer and a writer provided him with a distinctive perspective that enriched his science … Read more

A. American Books In Order

In the world of post-apocalyptic and survivalist fiction, A. American has emerged as a significant voice, offering narratives that are as thought-provoking as they are engaging. The pseudonymous nature of A. American adds an air of mystery to his persona, but what is unequivocally clear is the impact of his storytelling. A. American’s journey into … Read more

Lee Child Books In Order

In the pantheon of modern thriller writers, Lee Child stands as a colossus, having crafted a genre of storytelling that is as compelling as it is unique. Born James Dover Grant on October 29, 1954, in Coventry, England, writes under the pseudonym of Lee Child. He embarked on a literary journey that would redefine the … Read more

Ernest Hemingway Books In Order

Ernest Hemingway, a name synonymous with 20th-century American literature, remains an iconic figure whose influence extends far beyond the confines of literary circles. Born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois, Hemingway’s journey from a suburban upbringing to a Nobel laureate is a testament to his relentless pursuit of literary excellence. Hemingway’s early years … Read more